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    Shukofukurou for iOS 2.2.2 Release

    Now added the ability to browse MyAnimeList without logging in first. Also made fixes to the Hachidori Lite Safari Extension New Features Added ability to browse MyAnimeList without logging in first Bug Fixes Fixed Funimation detection and season detection for Hachidori Lite Improved...
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    Hachidori 3.3.8

    This release fixes Funimation detection and improves season detection. The Hachidori Lite extension has the same season detection issue, which will be fixed soon in the next Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS release. Hachidori requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later. Bug Fixes and Enhancements...
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    Hachidori 3.3.7

    This release improves Crunchyroll (Beta) detection, adds option to enable/disable YouTube detection and various bugfixes. Also, we finally updated the app to use AFNetworking 4.0.1 from a version of 3.0, which a few years out of date. Shukofukurou for iOS/macOS will be updated to AFNetworking...
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    Hachidori 3.3.6

    I added an option in 3.3.7 to Enable Youtube detection in the General preferences. Normally, an ignore rule with the regex: .* and the source "Youtube" would block everything Youtube, but I found out that the title rule blocking feature was broken, but it will be fixed in the next version that...
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    Bug Pressing the "increment progress" button for manga causes app to momentary freeze and become unresponsive

    I tried incrementing the volumes and chapters, and I cannot reproduce this bug. I have a feeling that this may be a connection issue as the toolbar icons/context menu disabled while an operation is in progress. What list service you are having issues with? Also, a screen recording may help in...
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    Hachidori 3.3.6

    This release improves Crunchyroll (Beta) detection and adds experimental Youtube detection support (registered users and active patrons, supported only on legally uploaded anime). We will eventually fix Netflix support sometime this winter. New Features Add experimental Youtube support...
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    Issues detecting an anime

    Yep, it seems that something broke with the stream detection, the episode number does not match up. {"result":[{"browser":"Safari","title":"The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat","season":1,"site":"crunchyroll","type":"anime","episode":55}]} I will...
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    Issues detecting an anime

    Yes, you need Javascript from Apple Events enabled as the new Crunchyroll website requires this. I cannot automate this process, but I will make note of it in the help file.
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    Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.2.1

    This release is a bug fix release that finally fixes the phantom "X Episodes Remaining" bug on iOS devices. Apparently, the issue didn't appear when debugging on an Apple Silicon Mac, but it did on an actual iOS device. After implementing a new fix, this bug doesn't appear in the app running on...
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    Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.2

    Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.2 is now released after being released for testing for the last few months. This release drops iOS 12 support and adds iOS 13 or later features. Also, there is now a new scrobble extension for Safari, which will eventually replace the share extension. This allows...
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    Shukofukurou for macOS 3.6

    The next minor-major release of Shukofukurou for macOS 3.6 is now released. This version now has the ability to customize columns in list view and implements a new UI optimized for Big Sur or later. Change log is below New Features Redesigned interface to take advantage of the new UI elements...
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    Hachidori 3.3.5 Release

    Hachidori 3.3.5 is now out. This release fixes the toolbar icons under macOS Monterey as they appear way too big compared to previous versions of macOS, causing some icons not to be shown. In addition, there is now a new directory whitelist option under Exceptions settings. With this option...
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    Implemented Stop detection of files except in certain directory

    Note that it will come in the next version, which will be out this weekend.
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    Implemented Stop detection of files except in certain directory

    Implemented with
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    Shukofukurou for iOS/iPad OS 2.1.13 Release

    The final version of Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.1.x is now here with 2.1.13. Barring any bug fixes from now until the 2.2 release, this is the last version for 2.1.x, which will support iOS 12. 2.2 will require iOS or iPadOS 14 or later. This release fixes the phantom (x episodes behind)...
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    Implemented Stop detection of files except in certain directory

    Currently, it's only possible to blacklist directories, but I can add an option to white list directories in the future, if this is what you are looking for. You can specify what directories to ignore in the Exceptions preference pane.
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    Bug Client being prompted to login to anilist account when already logged in

    No problem, I kind of wish AniList will resolve the account verification issue with login as it causing issues with App Store review, causing the app to get rejected for invalid login. Sadly, AniList haven’t acknowledged it. But I will make it clear what service needs logging in on the logged...
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    Bug Client being prompted to login to anilist account when already logged in

    FYI, the default service is now MyAnimeList since AniList started implementing account verification on our test account, thus we can't use it for testing to submit to the app store. If you have never changed the service, the service by default is set to MyAnimeList and needs to be changed to...
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    Bug Client being prompted to login to anilist account when already logged in

    Have you check what service you are using on the service menu. Try selecting AniList to see if the issue persists. I probably need to add a service indicator to the (Not logged in) subtitle. I will check App Center if there is any bug reports available. Need to investigate it more.
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    Reporting Stream Detection Issues

    If you are having issues with stream detection in Hachidori, you can report the issue here. Getting the DOM (Document Object Model) of a webpage Diagnosing stream detection issues require the page source. However, since streaming sites use Javascript, you can't simply save the page as it will...