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  1. Chaku

    Not detecting crunchyroll

    tried with 2 different series, changed the scrobble time, opening and closing the app, but nothing.
  2. Chaku

    Offline Queue folder selection

    As title, i just can´t make offline queue work well and i have folders with chapters that Hachidori just don't see. Whitelist does not work either. Thanks.
  3. Chaku

    Bug scrobbling isn´t working

    Thanks for that. But the program still won't detect crunchyroll, these screenshots are after watching an episode with autoscrobble on and clicking Update Now at the end.
  4. Chaku

    Bug scrobbling isn´t working

    And what about the auto torrent download? I paid for a license just for that
  5. Chaku

    Bug scrobbling isn´t working

    The app isnt finding the series im currently watching nor downloading the torrents automatically, i have a myanimelist account signed in. I started the scrobbling manually and used the "Update Now" button. Also i have qbittorrent installed. I also made sure to add some series to my currently...