Bug Pressing the "increment progress" button for manga causes app to momentary freeze and become unresponsive

It's a bug


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Steps to Reproduce
1. Press the increment progress button to increment chapter count on a manga
Operating System
Application Version
Operating System Version
This now happens more often than not, almost every time I press the increment progress button the app will momentarily become unresponsive and a loading beachball will appear. Sometimes this also results in chapter progress not being updated, but I believe that may be a different issue as that was already a problem that I could not reliably replicate prior to this freezing bug.


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I tried incrementing the volumes and chapters, and I cannot reproduce this bug. I have a feeling that this may be a connection issue as the toolbar icons/context menu disabled while an operation is in progress. What list service you are having issues with?

Also, a screen recording may help in diagnosing the issue.