Question "You need to register to change these settings" even when logged in


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Steps to Reproduce
  • Log in to Anilist
  • Select Anilist in the services menu
Operating System
Application Version
Operating System Version

I'm logged in to my Anilist account and I have it selected in the services menu but nothing changes. Am I missing anything here?



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The torrent feature is only a feature that is available for donors. The torrent features allows users to download torrents and select which series to automatically download when Hachidori is running.

Multiscrobble and Torrents (Torrent browsing and automatic downloads) are a feature only available for donors and active patrons. Free users can't use them.


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Just donated and it seems good now. I have 2 questions tho:

  • Do donators not have access to Patreon only resources?
  • Is there a Discord server I can join if I have more questions? (I'm still confused on how torrent rules work and all)


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Patreon resources are completely different, those are reserved if you become a patron. This is basically donating on a monthly basis instead of one time through getting a donation key and unlocking it.

As for the torrent rules, you search for a title and then select a release and click the "add rule" button. It will pull all the releases when they become available.