Hachidori 3.3.7

This release improves Crunchyroll (Beta) detection, adds option to enable/disable YouTube detection and various bugfixes. Also, we finally updated the app to use AFNetworking 4.0.1 from a version of 3.0, which a few years out of date. Shukofukurou for iOS/macOS will be updated to AFNetworking 4.0 in the near future.

New Features​

  • Add option to enable/disable YouTube detection in General Preferences (donors only)

Bug Fixes and Enhancements​

  • Updated AFNetworking from 3.0 to 4.0
  • Fix bug where Crunchyroll episodes won't detect if the episode title and the show title is the same (Crunchyroll Beta site)
  • Fixed Crunchyroll Beta Site History stream detection
  • Fixed title ignore feature, which wasn't working previously