Bug MultiScrobble not working

It's a bug


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Steps to Reproduce
1. Enable MultiScrobble.
2. Turn on Auto Scrobble.
3. Load up episode and wait for detection.
4. Scrobbler only updates the main selected service and not the other two.
Operating System
Application Version
Operating System Version
With MultiScrobble enabled for all three supported services, the Auto Scrobble is only updating the main selected service and not the other two. I've tried reinstalling, changing the number of services enabled, etc. but it doesn't seem to be working. MultiScrobble has worked fine for me in the past, so unsure what's changed to cause it to not work anymore.


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MultiScrobble works now, but it seems the title sync is incorrect? I have Kitsu set to default and scrobbled an episode of Date A Live IV, but it's scrobbling the wrong show for AniList and MyAnimeList, choosing to update Piano no Mori Season 2 instead.


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